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Educational Resources
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Who Are We?

8th Hour Tutoring is a locally owned and operated tutoring referral business based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We provide Certified, Safe, In-Home tutoring for your child's educational needs.  
Using our secure website, you can manage your account, browse through our roster of tutors, request a tutor and 8th Hour Tutoring will make the match.  You can do it all from the convenience of your own home.

Why Choose Us?

  • Thorough criminal background checks on all tutors through AmericanChecked, Inc..
  • Most tutors are state certified in their subject areas.
  • Affordable rates compared to the large learning centers.
  • One-On-One tutoring that promotes academic success.

What do our Clients have to say?

  • "I actually came across your website in a google search. I was desperate but didn't want to look at Craig's list or something because I just wasn't comfortable. And I really did not want to use a large place like Huntington or ku on where they want to do an evaluation and all of that to see what the child needs, because we were in a time crunch Yours was perfect.... Background checks done and you were so great to work with!"- Carol

  • "As a parent I want the very best for my children and I believe I found that with 8th Hour Tutoring!"- Sharon 

  • "8th Hour Tutoring is every student's miracle! We initially met with Heather in our home. She matched my son with a tutor that is exceptionally gifted in reaching students, teaching students, and making a positive difference! My son actually looked forward to tutoring. As a result, my son is confident with his new found math skills. He also knows immediate professional assistance is readily available in the coming year should he need help."- Sharon

  • "I often thought of tutoring as something you do when there is a problem. And in fact initiated Pre-Algebra tutoring from 8th Hour Tutoring for my son during the last 3 months of the 2010-11 school year. His grades were in the low 70’s and I knew he had it in him to do better. After 1 month of just 1 hour a week of added focus for the concepts to sink in, his scores were in the high 80’s and some 90’s. Now, my attitude is different about tutoring."- Lisa